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Nurtured Roots

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Independent Social Work Services, Therapeutic Life Story Work, Relational Play and Therapeutic Parenting Support.

Our early history shapes the way in which we view the world, ourselves and our relationships. At Nurtured Roots we support families with interventions that develop the understanding that their children's history has shaped who they are now, but ultimately not who they will become.

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Sarah Vermeire

About Me

TLSW Therapeutic life story work leicestershire warwickshire coventry

Hi! I am Sarah Vermeire and welcome to my site. I have always been extremely passionate about ensuring that children, families and those who support them are able to understand the impacts of trauma, loss, abuse and neglect alongside finding ways of deeper connection and stronger relationships. I am a qualified and registered social worker with over 15 years of social work experience across the breadth of children and families. I am a qualified Therapeutic Life Story Work (Rose Model) practitioner and have accessed specific training in relation to Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (Level 2), Parent- child relational skills (Institute of Arts and Therapy In Education), play work and therapeutic parenting and have a particular interest in the area of adoption. 

All of the interventions I offer can be funded through the Adoption Support Fund or the local authority. 

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What We Offer

Life story work leicestershire

therapeutic life story work

Therapeutic Life Story Work

leicestershire warwickshire coventry

We offer the Rose Model of Therapeutic Life Story Work which was developed by Richard Rose and is the world's first research based life story intervention that supports children and young people to make sense of their lives. With the support of a carer and a life story practitioner the child is guided through narrative, play based and relationship building techniques. Through this shared experience, co creation of meaning, and greater understanding of the reasons behind behaviours, the attachment relationship with care givers is enhanced. Therapeutic Life Story work helps children to gain a sense of safety and promote a more positive view of life through a more trusting lens.

therapeutic life story work

Therapeutic Parenting Support

Therapeutic Life Story Work

At Nurtured Roots, we can offer you support to understand how the effects of trauma can impact on your relationships with your children. Using Dyadic Developmental Practice informed therapeutic parenting support we can offer sessions in order to give you space to think through what is happening and offer therapeutic strategies to support you and your child/ren.

therapeutic life story work

Parent Child Attachment Play 

PCAP Leicestershire coventry warwickshire

Nurtured Roots offers Parent Child Attachment Play which is an innovative early help model that focuses on strengthening the parent/carer (or other adult) child relationship. We work with the parent/carer in a one to one or group-based setting. The intervention is aimed at children 3+ to late teens. It can be offered to both neurotypical and neurodiverse children and adapted according to the child's need. 

therapeutic life story work

Baby/ Toddler Bonding 

Leicestershire Coventry Warwickshire

Baby Bonding is a very effective preventative and early help attachment programme for parents and carers, and their babies. Baby Bonding can be delivered with groups, one to one, or through a home-visiting model.

therapeutic life story work

Heart to Heart

Life story work leicestershire coventry warwickshire

Heart to Heart is a group programme for children, teens and their parents to attend together across the age ranges of 5 - 9 years and 10 - 15 years. 

Heart to Heart provides enjoyable, interactive and low-key activities and resources to help strengthen relationships in a contained and nurturing group. An opportunity to explore all aspects of middle childhood and teen development including the amazing changes happening in prepubescent and teenage brains, why teens turn nocturnal and other wonderful aspects of emotional, neurological and psychological development.

Empowering and encouraging all group members with the latest science of attachment including multi-media clips, lego models and the occasional junk sculpture. 

Practitioners share evidence-based tools and techniques with all group members to help them manage stress and develop resilience. We share opportunities to develop a supportive network with other families and carers that may continue after the programme ends. 

Adolescence can be a challenging time for parents and carers and this programme offers an ideal opportunity to share and experience new and empowering evidence-based knowledge. 

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life story work

“If we want to understand the oak, it's back to the acorn that we must go” (Winfrey and Perry 2021)

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